Everybody Is A Star

This Sly and the Family Stone anthem is spot on. We won't ruin your Friday with some pedantic speech about how funny it is that anyone can be famous these days. It doesn't matter much to us who is in the tabloids and what they have spilling out of their purse. We cover people and things we think are dynamic and, dare we say it, cool. It's really as simple as that. We like the sort of people who get their hands dirty and the sort of people who you can sit down with for a cup of coffee. Those are basically our two requirements for stardom. That said, when we picked up 10 pairs of sunglasses one afternoon, we decided to forego the fourteen year old models and asked a bunch of our friends and colleagues to come over and sit for us. We picked people that, in our minds, embodied stardom in their sense of style, creative contributions, and good attitude. We think this speaks for itself. For today's original Coutorture editorial we've featured eleven lucky stars wearing shades by Theo, Selima Optique, and Anne et Valentin.

Lys Opp-Beckman

Chris Habana

Ann Malinowsky

Jennifer Gerson

Leilani Arita

Carissa Ackerman

Joshua David Stein

Dustin Kime

Amanda Simms Hunt

Jeffrey Robbins