Fab Face: Cindy Crawford

Do you remember watching Cindy Crawford in those Pepsi commercials in the 1990s? WeIl, I sure do. As a matter of fact, I also recall drawing a mole above my upper lip after watching those commercials hoping to evoke the same sexy look . . . sigh. Lucky for her, Cindy's signature mole and womanly, strong features led her to becoming one of the most famous supermodels in the world.

Born and raised in DeKalb, Illinois, Crawford dropped out of studying chemical engineering at Northwestern University to pursue a modeling career. Often quoted for being a classic, all American beauty, Cindy quickly worked her way up in the modeling industry. Her face has graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines including Vogue, W, People, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, and Allure. Though she's no longer strutting the runway, she still continues to be the quintessential icon of all American beauty.
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