Fab Face: Eliza Cummings

Newcomer British model Eliza Cummings has everyone yapping. Maybe it's because her start was such a cinch compared to other models. Immediately after signing with Select — thanks to her mom's friend who suggested she see an agent — she booked Vogue Italia. Shortly thereafter, Steven Meisel shot her for the cover of the same mag. Or perhaps it's because she resembles Elvis Presly. For a short while there, she was going by Eliza Presly, upon the advice of her agency.

She's back to Cummings now and literally rocking the modeling world with her hardcore boyish look. These days you'll find the 18-year-old posing frequently with ex-boyfriend model Ash Stymest — people say the two Brits looks alike. She's also one of Marc Jacobs' Top Ten Heads. Not bad, for being new in town. Get to know Eliza better.

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