Fab Face: Lara Stone

Who has been exposing her breasts in many a fashion editorial as of late? You're looking at her. Any time you see Dutch model Lara Stone, chances are you'll also get a peek at her perky, large bosom buddies. If you recall, she served as our model for the reverse cleavage poll. I'm just sayin.'

The 24-year-old does sexy better than any other model right now. But I'm not talking Victoria's Secret sexy; Heidi Klum can take that title. I'm talking raw, intense, and borderline mad. Her plump lips and smooth skin are flawless but her gapped front teeth give her a real quality.

Her sensual quality doesn't just come from nowhere. When Lara was 16, she was expelled from school in the Netherlands and sent off to Paris. Looking back, being an outlaw is probably the best decision she made, as it is the reason she blossomed into a worldwide model.

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