Fab Faces of New York Fashion Week

Fab Faces of New York Fashion Week

I have always been drawn to exotic models (European mix white girl right here). However, my favorite model of all time is Canadian, with a bit of Italian, Linda Evangelista, but really, she's the best. With today's girls, not only is there not enough diversity but obscure looking blondes rule the runway. Whatever the reason may be, my eye goes to the exotic, interesting and girls who have personality. If I was a model right now, I'd want the looks of Brazilian born Bruna Tenorio (left at Oscar de la Renta).

She looks like an Egyptian princess with her strong nose, beautiful eyes and long, shiny mane. With Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian blood, it's no wonder she turned out so unique. To prevent me from doing a slideshow of only Bruna — I was this close — here are some other Fab Faces that made me swoon at New York Fashion Week.


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