Fab Finding Follow Up: Olé Olé

My latest obsession is with all things Spain. I'm already perfecting the language; now I need to devour the culture. Off I went to a local Spanish restaurant that plays live flamenco music. I didn't want to stand out like a sore thumb, so I asked you to help me put together an outfit that's steamy and flamenco-inspired.

I started you off with this Bebe Mini Crystal Flower Headband ($39); it's a modern take on the flower-in-the-hair look. Let's see what you all dreamed up.

Look #1, created by ksiezniczka_zuu, is everything I need: sexy and feisty. Love the fan.

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Look #2, created by Brielle, is a modern take on flamenco. That bracelet is mesmerizing.

Look #3, created by rmur, is flamenco with a menswear twist. Right up my alley.