Fab Flash: Louis Vuitton Party of LOVE

Last night the stars gathered in New York for Louis Vuitton's LOVE soiree. The chic get together, celebrating Vuitton's Spring LOVE collection, brought out the likes of Scarlett Johannson, Serena Williams, Michael Stipe, Patrick McDonald, Mya, Amanda Hearst, Kimberly Guilfoyle (Gavin Newsom's ex-wife) and more. Though the purpose of the party was to let loose, look good, and have fun, it also honored Oxfam America, an international relief and development organization dedicated to creating lasting solutions to global poverty, hunger and social injustice. Isn't it nice when celebs kill two birds with one fashionable stone?

Side note: I adore Scarlett's gradiated pink-purple-blue dress but is it me or has she gone a little bottle happy with the blond?

To see photos of Patrick McDonald, Serena Williams, Mya and Amanda Hearst, read more







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