While you were home watching the Project Runway season finale on TV last night, the season four contestants were gathering at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in NY for a celebratory rendezvous with Christian Siriano.

The newest PR winner was taking his triumph in stride: "I get marriage proposals every day," Christian said. "And I get touched, like people want to pick me up and hug me and hold me because they think I can fit in a purse. Actually, I can fit in a purse." Apparently during filming, Jack Mackenroth carried Christian around in a tote bag.

Elsewhere at the party, more antics ensued, courtesy of Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll: "I just touched Rami's butt," he said. "Rock hard. I hate the jeans he wears but what's underneath is good." Too bad the video cameras weren't still around for that Kodak moment . . .

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