Fab Read: Net-A-Porter.com Notes Volume V

I was wrapping up my workday when an unexpected package arrived at my desk. Oh my, it's from Net-a-Porter! I ripped rapidly and came face to face with a medium black book titled Notes, Volume 5. The cover didn't do much explaining so I flipped through, and a found a treasure at my fingertips. You too can get your hands on this free, limited-edition treasure when you buy from the retailer. It has up-to-the-minute info on the Spring/Summer trends, glossy editorials, and a fun article about Studio 54.

One of the coolest parts? It provides a product number next to each item, so you can easily shop the item online. Notice I said one of the coolest; the fancy stickers of runway photos and must-have accessories take the cake. Towards the end, there's a nifty "My Notes" section, a "Wardrobe Planner," and a "My Sizes" sheet. Beyond cool. Thanks, Net-a-Porter!

To take a peruse through the book, read more.