A Fab Wedding in Miami, FL

Fab reader merav has been with us from the very beginning. Our lovely cyber friend has grown up and gotten married to the man of her dreams. The setting is breathtaking but look how stunning the back of her wedding dress is! I'll let her do the rest of the bragging.

Who: Merav and Alex

When: February 20, 2006

Where: Bank of America Tower, 11th Floor terrace, Miami, FL

What the bride wore: Replica of Ballet by Amy Michelson from Chic Bridal

What the bridesmaids wore: Monsoon, Vintage, and JS Boutique

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How many dresses did you go through before finding the one?

Before I began trying on dresses, I searched the Internet and came across a Amy Michelson gown. It was exactly what I was looking for. I tried on probably four other dresses and then tried on the actual Amy Michelson gown. It was perfect, but far more than I could bring myself to spend. I was so excited to find a replica on Ebay by Chic Bridal for $200. I took the risk and bought it! I had it hemmed and decided to wear it off the shoulder so the seamstress worked her magic to alter it. I loved my dress and have not stopped receiving compliments on it for two years now, with several moms asking me if their daughters can wear it on their day!