FabSugar Interview With Designer Donna Karan at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco

The Donna Dish: "If You Can't Sleep in It, Forget It"

The Donna Karan wisdom continues. After listening to her and Ken Downing at the Neiman Marcus event in San Francisco, I have a newfound interest in draping and defining luxury. Donna also mentioned Michelle Obama ("Michelle Obama is an icon") and emphasized the importance of jewelry when she spoke of her years collaborating with Robert Lee Morris: "Jewelry is important. Accessories are extremely important." Oh, and my favorite Donna quote? "Glamour — I forgot the word glamour!" Here's more Donna dish:

  • Donna on draping: She always makes her skirts wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. "Draping is how fabric wraps around your body and accents the positive and hides the negative."

  • Donna defines luxury: There is a difference between seeing something and wearing it, and to her, wearing is luxury. It's the difference of seeing and touching. This year was the most challenging year. It's important to not deny it and have consciousness about it. "I feel luxury is how we care for ourselves and other human beings."
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  • Donna on everyday dressing: "Do you have any idea how many outfits you can create from the same pieces?" Investment dressing doesn't go out of style. She loves it when she sees women wearing her older clothes today.
  • Donna and her fabrics: "Most of my fabrics are made in Italy with extraordinary technology." A cashmere knits collection is coming out soon; it's based on comfort and ease and includes all sorts of neutral colors.

  • Photos courtesy of Drew Altizer