FabSugar and Lindsay Lohan 6126 Legging Design Contest

FabSugar and Lindsay Lohan's 6126 Leggings Design Contest

FabSugar and Lindsay Lohan 6126 Legging Design Contest

Today's the last day to enter! Lindsay Lohan loves leggings, and these days she's rarely seen without a pair from her 6126 collection. LL brought the ubiquitous trend to the forefront and now we want to see what your skills can add to the collection. LL has teamed up with Fab for an exclusive contest around her hot leggings line — and it's perfect for all you aspiring designers!

Here's how it's going to go down:

FabSugar readers submit their legging designs to be picked by Lindsay for the Spring 6126 collection. You can submit your designs in any form – cut, paste, sketch, Photoshop, paint, collage, macaroni art — let those creative juices flow. Designs should be submitted by Friday, Aug. 14 — read the rules for how and where to submit. Lindsay will select the winner and the leggings will be featured in the Spring collection. And . . . the winner will receive $1,000 and 6126 leggings to add to their collection.