FabSugar and Reem Acra Spring 2012 Wedding Collection Interview and Photos

Reem Acra on Designing Dresses For Princesses, Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Style, and More!

FabSugar and Reem Acra Spring 2012 Wedding Collection Interview and Photos

With wedding season in full swing, we caught up with wedding dress extraordinaire Reem Acra to talk about her Spring 2012 collection, the upcoming royal wedding, and designing dresses for princesses. Listen up to what she has to say below, then click on the slideshow to see the most beautiful looks from her bridal collection.

FabSugar: What kind of woman did you have in mind when designing your Spring 2012 collection?

Reem Acra: Princesses – all of the princesses I've dressed in the past couple of years. I've thought about them and what they would have liked and what they would want to see from me. I made the collection thinking about all of them and their dreams. It's for all of the brides — because they're all princesses to me.

FS: How would you describe Kate Middleton's wedding style?

RA: I am very excited to see what Kate Middleton is going to wear. She is very modern, but she has to be classic at the same time.

FS: What's the craziest wedding dress you've been asked to design?

RA: I've been asked to do lots of cha-cha. Stuff, stuff, stuff, and too many embellishments. I always refuse; I can't design something that won't look good.

FS: What kind of advice can you give a bride-to-be when looking for the perfect dress?

RA: I think you should be yourself whether you're the fun flirtatious or serious type. After all, it's your wedding day and you should enjoy it. The dress is extremely important in my eyes, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a designer, but because I know if you look good on the outside, you're confident and more powerful in the inside, and you will exude that happiness and power to all of your friends and family around you.

Besides the dress, what else should a bride splurge for on her wedding day?

RA: Flowers. They add the perfect touch to any situation. You don't need anything else.

For more with Reem, check out our video interview from last year.

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