Fabcon: Daphne Guinness

Someone should make a movie about Daphne. Not only does she wear couture like I wear cropped jeans she has a colorful past. She is an heiress. Does her last name ring a bell? Daphne is the daughter of Guinness brewery heir Jonathan Guinness. She married Spyros Niarchos (also a familiar last name) at 19 and divorced with a settlement of $40 million dollars. Put the two and two together, and that's how she can afford couture.

But she is also serious fashion folk. She is friends with designer greats like Karl Lagerfeld (fun fact: she turned him on to Grand Theft Auto), Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, as well as photog Mario Testino and Naomi Campbell. While I have been stalking her for a while now, she was recently out and about at couture week last week promoting her short film "The Phenomenology of Body."

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She flitters about fashion circles but also writes, has three children and designs her own heraldic jewelry line — check out her armor-like jewelry in these photos, it's really cool. Her style is intense; she is an upscale British eccentric. She favors corsets, mini skirts, mile-high platforms, feathers, headpieces, and you can't miss her platinum, skunk-striped hair.

She made a movie, which she comments, ''Really, the piece is a revolving passage, a voyage of the female form canceling or revealing.'' Sounds interesting, but Daphne Guinness, The Movie, sounds more interesting.

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