Fabcon: Ivanka Trump

Ivanka. With a name like that you have to have presence. I can attest to the fact that Ivanka does. I met her, years ago, when she was modeling. I was in college dressing shows backstage at a Fashion Week. She went to the University of Pennsylvania with a best friend of mine. I dropped my friend's name and she knew her. We then chatted about life, fashion — you know, the good stuff. She was sweet and she was gorgeous. It's been fun seeing her progress after our chance meeting.

Not only does this girl have style, she has a genuine interest in business. She is learning the ropes of her father's real estate world and she launched her own high-end jewelry collection (which she wears all the time). She's smart and pretty — an envious combination. Oh, and did I mention she has legs for days?

Her style is classic, yes. But she isn't afraid to mix things up with color and by showing a little skin. From crisp coats to goddess gowns, she always looks calm and collected. She may be a daddy's girl, but she has emerged from papa Trump's shadow and is creating an empire all her own.

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