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Fabcon: Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola's style can best be described as unfussy, cool and classic. We are talking about one of Marc Jacob's muses here (lucky!). While one may point out she wears a lot of black, 'tis true, but so do other icons such as Kate Moss and Diana Vreeland. Black is one of the truest colors of fashion, and as every woman knows, it's slimming too. But I just love it when Sofia does play with color; it's usually in the form of bolds such as red or pink, or understated with off-white.

The daughter of legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia is talented in other areas than fashion. She is an accomplished film director, actress, producer and Academy Award-winning screenwriter. I would also like to point out that she is the first American woman and third woman in history to be nominated for an Academy Award for Directing.

Sofia is just so cool. She is considered a pop culture icon within the indie music and film communities, in Paris and Tokyo especially. It figures she would have fashion sense - as a child she stayed in the wardrobe department of her father's films, and did you know that in high school, she interned with Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel? As well, in 1998 she co-founded the clothing line Milkfed in Japan with friend Stephanie Hayman and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. I so remember Milkfed! It was very Beastie girlie - it was sold alongside the Beastie Boys clothing line X-Large back in the day.

While The Virgin Suicides continues to be my favorite film by Sofia, it's just so beautifully melancholy, Marie Antoinette also provided some serious eye, and ear, candy. What's next for Sofia? I can't wait to see.

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