That hair, those flashy dresses, those moves — those legs. There's a reason Tina Turner is "The Queen of Rock n' Roll." She does indeed rock it like no other. Upon my quest for interesting tidbits about the Queen to share with you I discovered that she has the same birthday as my dad, November 26, cute huh?

She's come a long way since she was born Anna Mae Bullock in Tennessee. I didn't fully realize her personal struggle until I saw the movie What's Love Got to do With It where Angela Bassett brilliantly plays her in one difficult role. In this film we learn of the spousal abuse and drug problems Tina endured. If you haven't seen the movie I totally recommend it — it's really touching, and rockin.'

Once Tina broke free from Ike, whom she started her entertainment career with, she was on her own, with plenty to say, or rather, sing. From her first solo album Private Dancer to her role in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome the star was rising without an end in sight. With friends and fans across all industries and continents, we can all admire this Fabcon, and not just for her hair, dresses, moves and legs.

To see Tina through the ages and a special Halloween-y video bonus, read more

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