Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week: Alexander Wang 2011-02-13 11:48:33

Alexander Wang Brings Back His Signature Black for Fall 2011

Alexander Wang Brings Back His Signature Black for Fall 2011

>> Lots of newness for Alexander Wang this season: a new show formation, with stadium seating bleachers enclosing a diamond shaped runway space; a new Manhattan store (Wang's first retail location) opening imminently; a new location for the manufacture of his signature knitwear, which will now be produced in Italy; and a new line of leather goods (wallets, coin purses, travel cases and the like with clip-on rabbit tails) launched on his runway yesterday evening.

With so much new already on his plate, Wang returned to his roots for Fall 2011, incorporating elements of seasons past (a largely black palette, edgy riffs on tuxedo dressing, zips, padded sportswear, and spats). That's not to say the collection felt like a repeat — there was plenty of new on view: take the snowboard goggle-like sunglasses with mink bands, the glitter jeans and satin pants, the metallic loafers with mud flaps on the back, and the fur-puffed heels, which apparently had to be brushed and blow-dried pre-show.

The inspiration for all of the aforementioned? “It’s about poking fun at luxury and decadence and this idea of stereotypical wealth,” Wang explained. "One of the starting points was this rich bitch. She’s wearing her super satiny pajamas with the big fur coat and the boudoir sandals and then we’re just kind of putting it all together.” And the round of finale streamer dresses were based on "the idea of the cummerbund falling apart."

Brand face Aymeline Valade opened the show, Wang favorite Britt Maren had her hair dyed brunette especially for the occasion, and Natasha Poly, back to blonde, was the closer. Karolina Kurkova, Caroline Trentini, Natasa Vojnovic, Bette Franke, and Querelle Jansen all also made appearances. At the end, Wang, never one for a simple bow-and-wave, ran out, did a twirl, and then ran backstage again.


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