Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week: Donna Karan 2011-02-14 17:34:05

2011 New York Fall Fashion Week: Donna Karan

Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week: Donna Karan 2011-02-14 17:34:05

Donna Karan designed Fall for the kind of woman “who commands a room.” Now that might inspire visions of power suits, but fear not. Karan is talking about the kind of woman so confident and elegant she needn’t dress like a man to indicate her strength. Thus, structured silhouettes were softened by artful draping that accentuated curves but didn’t exploit them. Luxe fabrics were part diaphanous — iridescent silk chiffon, cupro satin — and part cozy — stretch wool jersey, long-haired shearling, mohair — making texture a major factor in the collection’s wearability and ease. Karan's woman also doesn't need red to be sexy; the soft palette of cream, blush, gray, and some iridescent sea green was intended to “evoke the glow of pearls on skin.” What a lovely and classy image, helped along by the models' pearl-bedecked necks. Rich accents like suede elbow-length gloves, micro pearls, sequins, and silk chiffon scarves worn as hoods added subtle glamour and reminded us that these are not just clothes for confident, classy women; they're for the kind of woman who has made it, too.

  • Trends: Draping, Fur.
  • Colors: Cream, blush, silver, sea green, gray.
  • Key Looks: The mohair skirts, a draped wool jersey dress that is totally delicious-looking.
  • Accessories: Silk chiffon scarves doubling as hoods, shearling satchels, suede gloves with shearling cuffs.
  • Who Would Wear It: Power chicks who appreciate subtle elegance, i.e. Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie, and Tilda Swinton.
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