Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week: Karen Walker

2011 Fall New York Fashion Week: Karen Walker

Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week: Karen Walker

For Fall 2011, Karen Walker took us to a '70s-era working-class disco hall in northern England called the Wigan Casino, an escape where the working class would trade uniforms for dancing clothes. Her collection reflected just that juxtaposition of joy and drudgery, although one wouldn't complain about wearing her sharply cut workwear-inspired docker's coat. The romantic, albeit rough 'n' tumble storyline unfolded in gauzy calf-skimming skirts worn with white tees and leather brogues, and tissue-thin racerback tanks paired with wide-leg wool trousers. The models wore ribbed knit skull caps, a reference to those 9-5 jobs, and the lace-up platforms and sporty leather brogues were the result of a collaboration with Beau Coops. The collection was filled with wardrobe staples you'll want for Fall: slouchy trousers, crisp jackets, flowy skirts, floral prints — particularly a gauzy blouse with silk chiffon detail, and those super cute brogues. Leave it to Karen Walker to find beauty in working-class toil.

  • Trends: Workwear, vinyl, femme rebel, menswear, longer hemlines, wide-leg trousers, florals.
  • Colors: Mustard yellow, orange, gray, navy, cream, black.
  • Key Looks: Any of the florals and the calf-length skirts.
  • Accessories: Patent and leather lace-up platform booties, a collaboration with Beau Coops; her cool sunglasses.
  • Who Would Wear It: Her loyal Japanese fan base; girls who want crisp and sporty with an offbeat touch.
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