Fashion In 50 Seconds 05/27/09 Burberry Day In New York City & More

May 27 2009 - 6:52am

[1]Burberry will unveil its Manhattan headquarters tomorrow with a star-studded party and a gift of $50,000 to local youth projects [2]. 

At this year's SCAD senior fashion show, Andre Leon [3] Talley spoke about the importance of having good manners [4]. 

The jury for the Trovata [5] versus Forever 21 [6] case is currently deadlocked [7], meanwhile Forever 21 has set its sights on 17 new West Coast properties [8]. 

Another film about Coco Chanel, not Coco Avant Chanel but Coco Chanel & Igor [9] Stravinsky, closed the Cannes Film Festival yesterday [10]. 

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