Fashion People's Pictures of Hurricane Sandy

How They Saw the Storm: Fashion People's Pictures of Sandy

Fashion People's Pictures of Hurricane Sandy

Coco Rocha was at her home in Westchester, NY, when Hurricane Sandy made landfall — but the storm's fierce winds and rain had as much of an effect on her as they did on people in New York City.

"Surveying damage in my hood," the model tweeted on Tuesday, sharing a picture of a fallen tree on her street. "Many huge trees down like this one crushing a house & car." She later added that she had lost power.

The same fate befell Prabal Gurung, who lives on Third Street in New York, and to the hundreds of thousands of people who live in lower Manhattan. Gurung made it to safety and electricity uptown, then posted an Instagram picture Instagram of the view from his temporary home.

Other New Yorkers who work in the industry stayed closer to home, but still helped document the damage caused by the worst storm the Northeast has seen in a century. Take a look at what they saw here, in the gallery.