Fendi Review | Fashion Week Fall 2013

Fendi Fall 2013

Fendi Review | Fashion Week Fall 2013

Things have gotten more than a little hairy at Fendi. Karl Lagerfeld's Fall 2013 collection for the house, which he named Icons Unchained, seemed like a not-so-subtle commentary on the conspicuous reemergence of fur in luxury collections.

There were animal pelts all over this offering, including coats cut from stripes of alternating natural furs and hides dyed with neon colors, as well as booties, pencil skirts, scarves, and the house's Selleria handbags. There were even sunglasses whose stems were covered in fur, and all the models came down the runway with fox fur woven into french braids to create the effect of colorful mohawks.

As for the icons Lagerfeld was referring to, well, what's more iconic than opulence itself?