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A Few Fab Words With Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Winner Elise Øverland

She started out designing stagewear for rockers like Steven Tyler and then started her own proper line in 2006. In a very short time, the rockin' appeal of Elise Øverland's chiffon dresses, cropped leather jackets, and fitted leather leggings have earned her some die-hard fans and serious accolades. I was lucky enough to snag the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation winner for a few Fab words . . .

Do you have a muse?

Hope Atherton. She started out as my friend with the same stream of creative conciseness, but now she's more my Siamese twin, grown out of my left hip.

What do you consider your forte? Your biggest design challenges?

The creative part of me drips out of my fingertips all day, but the biggest challenge is to balance that with the business side. The financial side is linear and mathematical following time and space, whereas the creative side is vertical and taps into a world not existing of these rules. This dilemma always stresses me out.

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Who are your favorite designers?

I don't have a favorite designer, it all changes every season, but if was going to mention one over the decades I think it would be Gaultier. He manages to stay modern, creative, and capture a wide variety of customers.

Describe the Elise Øverland girl?

She is strong, independent, and a bit carefree and rock 'n' roll at heart. I like the clothes and the customer to have a sense of effortless glamour.

What’s in store for Fall ‘08?

Three key things: Small shrunken leather jackets with silver hardware almost like a little accessory piece that you have over a little dress; I have a lot of silk dresses in watercolor tie dye print with rustic small coins; and last, the super thin stretch leather pants that you pull on like tights without a zipper and all the fabric in the crotch.

What’s the best part of being an Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation winner?

The best part of being an Ecco Domani winner is it puts an extra spotlight on the brand, and it generates more interest from people that don't know the brand yet. Not to mention the drunk driving my employees have been doing on the sewing machines with all the great wine we were sent.








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