The crisp and youthful designs of José Ramón Réyes of Réyes may be familiar to some of you. We have featured them on Fab a few times. Edging his way as a designer of tomorrow, this Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation winner will be showing for the third time in New York's upcoming Fashion Week. While I hope to bring you his newest creations he is putting the finishing touches on very soon, he has shared some insights with us as well as a sketch from his upcoming Fall collection. Cool, huh? A few Fab words . . .

What's been the biggest challenge for you?

Every season there's a new challenge......I feel that the more the business grows the more challenging it gets. At the same time I also grow as an individual and therefore learn to deal with the stress and the challenges in a different manner.

Who do you design clothes for? Describe the Réyes girl?

She’s a girl who loves clothes and enjoy getting dressed up but never in a pretentious way!

A word of advice to other young aspiring designers?

Stick to your vision and what you believe in. Moving forward and learning from your mistakes and very important. Pick yourself up as soon as you fall.

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Goals for the next year?

My personal goal is to continue with my French lessons — I want to be fluent by years end and on the business side of things we just moved into a new office space and are bringing sales in house. We are expanding our distribution in both in Europe and Asia and signing with a distributor in Japan.

What's in store for Fall '08?

It’s a surprise! Please come to see the show!

What’s the best part of being an Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation winner?

Most importantly is the association with Ecco Domani and what the award represents. I’m honored to be part of such a wonderful group of past and present winners. There’s a certain prestige associated with winning this award that has help launched the careers of so many incredible designers. Also the monetary aspect helps a lot too!