A Few Fab Words With Pencey

Among the many commonalities Shopbop and I share is our intense adoration for all things Pencey. Shopbop houses many of the brand's dope dresses, leggings, blazers, skirts, and scarves. The more I see their pieces, the more I crave them. Currently, I'm crushing on the one-shoulder dress and ripped cutoff shorts (below), and the coral blazer romper. Notice how not only are their clothes unique, but so are their too-cool-for-school styling methods. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with designers Kate Wendelborn and Christina Minasian about their craft, their closets, and their inspiration.

What type of girl do you design for?
We design for ourselves, our friends, and any girl who wants to stand out in a crowd.

Most of your pieces are off-kilter and experimental. Are they a reflection of your own personal styles?
The pieces are not so experimental themselves. It's more in the way that you wear them. Pencey is definitely a reflection of both our styles.

Is there any item you refuse to work with or is it all fair game for Pencey?
Pretty much all fair game. Our minds change every five minutes.

To hear the rest, and to see more from Pencey's Spring line, read more.

How do you go about setting yourself apart from other brands in the market?
We try to make clothes that girls feel cool in. And we don't take ourselves too seriously.

What are some key piece from the Spring collection?
We used a lot of hardware like safety pins, hook and eyes, and studs. And a lot of floral prints.

Do you ever get designer's block during the process or is it pretty much smooth sailing?
If we get blocked we instantly move. The harder you think about something the worse the block gets. Sometimes we have to break it up by going on PopSugar! (Sweet)

If we looked in your closet we would see a lot of . . .
White t-shirts.