A Few Fab Words With Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall

A Few Fab Words With Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall

By now, we've heard from Sex and the City newcomer Jennifer Hudson and veteran Cynthia Nixon, and now it's time for the fabulously bold Kim Cattrall to speak up. As evidenced by the photo on the left, Samantha always took the time to match her shoes to her skirt suit to her purse, and though she never inspired me to do the same, her witty sex banter was integral to the show. Here, Kim shares her thoughts on her oversized hat, what she didn't get to keep, and where her character gets her confidence.

Did anything in your wardrobe stand out to you? That hat?

I loved them. Working with Pat Field is fantastic; she is so creative. Always with my stuff, because I have to do so much physical comedy, she would really listen to what I needed to make it work. That was really helpful. She would bring colors. I mean that beautiful hat in the guacamole scene.

Did you keep the hat?

No. You know they sent three huge boxes of things from SATC, and most of my stuff was not there. And the hat wasn’t there. And there were like three pairs of shoes. I went, what?! I said I wore those shoes, they can’t sell those, they can’t resell them. There’s a bulletin out for Samantha’s togs!

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Was the hat custom made?

No, no. That is a vintage piece that she [Field] bought in a second hand stall. It was ripped and torn and ready for the heap; her little elves stitched it all together and seamed it and reseamed it. And then they brought it to a fitting and I just fell in love with it. I was supposed to originally wear it when I’m running down the beach after the dog, and it looked ridiculous. I was like this is not going to work. So he said, well we are just not going to use it. I said, no, no, no, I have to use that hat, it is so extraordinary! It's like out of the '30s and the '40s, you can see Loretta Young in it. I said, I have the guacamole scene. And it became a prop, like she was hiding behind the hat. It made the scene. It was like she wants to look but she doesn’t want to look. The hat saved the day.

Where do you think Samantha finds her confidence?

I think she has a tremendous amount of confidence. She is a little bit older than the others, so she comes from just a little more experience. And I think that she has led a very full life. I think that fearlessness about her is what makes her so attractive. Because she doesn’t care if it’s the wrong color, she doesn’t care if it's taboo. It’s a waste of her time. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff. She just lets it go. Her vulnerability shows when it's intimacy; she can’t really deal with that. I think she has what comes with age, and as I’m finding as I get older, is that knowledge of self.