A Few Fab Words With Sex and the City's Kristin Davis

A Few Fab Words With Sex and the City's Kristin Davis

We are getting closer and closer to the Sex and the City movie premiere (yay!), and we have yet to hear from the entire cast. Next up is Kristin Davis, aka Charlotte York. She was traditional, loved simplicity, and never wore anything too avant-garde. Still, her sweetness won us over, no matter our style preference. Here, Kristin dishes about her on-screen wardrobe, what she got to keep, and how her character's style has evolved.

Did Charlotte break out any new fashion?

She was never a rule breaker. She updated a little, but I wouldn’t call it a breaking of any rules. Pat is a very creative woman as we all know and really felt strongly that all of the girls would be updated in a way that would reflect where they were in life. So my silhouette is a bit more simple, a little less bows and flowers and things that she used to wear. And she wanted to try, and this is obviously in one’s fantasy life, a little bit of 1970s Jackie O – the sunglasses and on.

Were you excited about the outfits?

Yeah. It sounds so surface-y, but back in the real world we have been in for the last couple of years, you go to your fitting and you’re like, oh dear. Because we were just spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. Sarah had actually emailed me after hers [fitting] because she had actually had a little, ohhhhhhhh reaction, and she was like, wait until you get here. So I was kind of like, OK, I’m ready, and you walk in and there’s literally everything, tables of bags, tables of shoes, just a warehouse of literally every couture sample that is even remotely available. It really is quite something, and we could never do it without the support of the designers because even though we have a very lovely budget from New Line, it's just not possible.

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Any outfits you would like to keep?

It's in our contracts that we get to keep our outfits, which is a fantastic thing. Except that for me, all of my outfits were samples. They were like, OK Kristin go upstairs and pick out the ones that you want, and I went upstairs and there was nothing there. You know what was there, my running pants, which I love, I wear them a lot in life, but I was like, where are my clothes? Because we had so many fittings and we had fittings all through the movie because we were waiting for the latest runway samples to come for like the tropical part and all that. So when I got there I had realized that everything was a sample and I was like, who took my clothes? I got all of the shoes. And then I got a beautiful Chanel bag because the wardrobe people felt terrible and called Chanel and were like Kristen doesn’t have any clothes, do you mind giving her this bag, it was so cute. And then I got a really cool dress from the tropical section, that yellow Biba, the very vacationy dress. So I did get some very choice pieces.

My [bridesmaid] dress was actually Zac Posen, her [Sarah's] wedding dress is Vivienne and honestly that is called the Black Swan and I wouldn’t want it. Even though it is a work of art, I just ran into him the other day and people keep asking me if I have that. First of all it would take up my whole closet; if you take that dress out, you could stand that dress and it would stand by itself, that’s how much weird plastic filament is in it. There’s only one of them, he’s got it back. It can stay back with him. It was not meant to be worn around the streets.