Gaming Gets Fashionable: Dress Your Sims in H&M®!

Gaming Gets Fashionable: Dress Your Sims in H&M®!

Now I'm not much of a gaming gal - but I do love me some H&M® so I am quite intrigued by the latest feature to be added to The Sims 2. The Sims 2, the popular video game that allows gamers to create virtual characters and communities, is about to get a serious fashion upgrade! To thank The Sims 2 for their sponsorship, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you all about the fabulous The Sims 2 H&M® Fashion Stuff.

Starting on Thursday, players of The Sims 2, The Sims 2 Special DVD Edition, or The Sims 2 Holiday Edition can dress up their Sims in cute dresses, tops, skirts, pants and other fabulous outfits, complete with accessories-all inspired by real H&M® designs. Using The Sims 2 H&M® Fashion Stuff, you can also design your very own H&M® inspired store and put on a Sims fashion show on your virtual catwalk. I have to say, I am impressed! I might have to get the thumbs exercising and check this out. Preorder The Sims 2 H&M® Fashion Stuff here.

To see more pictures of the complete outfits you have to choose from, (i.e. no mixing and matching), read more



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