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Glitterati: Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

It's those personal touches that really matter sometimes. If you are looking for a unique jewelry idea for yourself or someone dear to you, and want to add a personalized touch, Jennifer Fisher jewelry is right up your alley. This personalized jewelry ranges from cheeky to delicate - there is something for everyone.

Here's the designer's story: Jennifer Fisher started her career in LA, working on movie sets and as a personal stylist. She got married and moved to NYC and started a life with her husband there. About two and a half years ago, Jennifer had her first child, a son named Shane. She wanted to find a great piece of jewelry to represent her family and found nothing that was “stylish” or “fashionable” enough…and nothing that could be customized as she wanted it.

This line is unique in that you can personalize each tag, which come in various sizes, with diamonds (white, brown and black), names (of family members, children, pets, etc), initials, anything you can think of. This is a great way to celebrate the family, and also makes an amazing gift.

Prices range from $120 to $820, so these can quickly become a hefty purchase. Just customize it for your budget as well!

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