Glitterati: Kate Cusack Zipper Jewelry

Sometimes it's wise to find a niche and stick to it. That's what costume designer, sculpture, and multi-media artist Kate Cusack did with zippers and jewelry. If, like me, you went gaga over Kate Bosworth's eco-chic zippered Philip Lim dress, you too can have your own zipper flair.

Kate Cusack Zipper Jewelry uses both gold (brass) and silver (aluminum) zippers and twists and turns it into fresh necklaces, flowered brooches, and conversational bracelets. All items are hand-sewn and oodles of colors are available. The necklaces range from $400-$1000, the bracelets $100-$400, and the brooches $70-$85. Check out Kate's etsy store to buy the goods.

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