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Glitterati: Urban Dencity

Has anyone seen Grease 2? I know you've seen the original Grease many times, and we all have every song memorized. I always liked Grease 2 as well - it was Michelle Pfeiffer's, AKA Stephanie Zinone's, breakthrough role after all. And 'Cool Rider' is just such a great song. I do have a point to this, wait for it. In the movie there is a big talent show and the sassy gals of Grease 2 sing a song with the chorus: "I'll be your girl for all seasons...all the year through..." or something like that. Urban Dencity is a jewelry designer for a girl of all seasons. The designer Kim Shephard has already personified her jewels for you:

  • Jade is bold, exotic and loves making a statement
  • Chloe is subtle, sophisticated, and has a delicate touch
  • Kate is sporty, kicky, and favors a little flair
  • Sienna is romantic, bohemian, and has eclectic style

Which gal are you? I'd have to say I'm mostly a Sienna, but I have a Jade just waiting to be unleashed!

Influenced by her years of working as a fashion art director in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Kim was inspired to develop a line of stylish and functional jewelry that reflects a range of urbane styles. My pick is this Grecian looking twirl pendant made from brass and white leather - I think it's a good mix of Sienna & Jade. This glitterati is affordable too - with most styles ranging from $55-$200.

Oh, and if you too are a fan of Grease 2, check out the ultimate fansite!

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