Golden Globes Party Fashion Pictures 2013

Golden Globes Afterparties: Who Wore What

Golden Globes Afterparties: Who Wore What

As the great R. Kelly once harmonized, "after the show, it's the afterparty," and that's certainly the case where the Golden Globe Awards are concerned. The awards have been awarded, and the speeches have been made; now, it's time to take the celebrations to the various LA hot spots, where more often than not, the star-studded set make yet another (glamorous) outfit change. And we're making sure you see all the gorgeous postawards ensembles as they crop up. From the epic Warner Bros. and InStyle fete to the HBO shindig, expect more high-shine finishes, thigh-high hems, and sexy silhouettes to take the festive night by storm. Ready to see who's wearing what on the afterparty circuit? Just keep clicking.

Source: WireImage, Getty

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