Who's ready for another round of Guess the Celebrity Handbag? Comin' right up. This latest crew of stars is on the go, go, go — shopping and walking all around the streets of LA and NYC. Let's see if you can guess who's carrying each hot handbag.

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Which blonde is toting around a slick black hobo?
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Maria Sharapova
Kate Winslet
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Which red-haired actress is loving her some Chanel?
Kate Walsh
Debra Messing
Kate Mara
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Guess who's carrying a green python Calvin Klein around LA?
Hilary Duff
Jennifer Lopez
Nicky Hilton
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Which socialite owns a black Birkin?
Paris Hilton
Olivia Palermo
Dasha Zhukova
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Which stylish mama is carrying her babe and a Jimmy Choo fringe bag?
Heidi Klum
Kate Hudson
Jenny McCarthy
Guess the Model Blonde
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