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Guess the Celebrity by Her Faboo Shoe!

It's Holiday time, which means festive shoes a plenty. It may be cold outside for some, but for others, glittering sandals can still shine. With all the movie releases and holiday festivities ladies are dressing to the nines. I know you were oogling over the dresses and jewelry, but did you notice the shoes?

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Who wore these dazzling Jimmy Choo jeweled platform sandals?
Jennifer Lopez
Paz Vega
Kristen Bell
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Who wrapped her feet in these snakey gold sandals?
Marley Shelton
Christina Applegate
Bijou Phillips
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Who wore these ladylike snakeskin pumps?
Penelope Cruz
Angelina Jolie
Eva Mendes
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Who wore these black lace lovelies?
Nicole Kidman
Sarah Paulson
Scarlett Johansson
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Whose sparkling feet are these?
Eva Longoria
Sanaa Lathan
Lucy Liu
Guess the Celeb by Her Fab Handbag!
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Guess the Celeb by Her Fab Handbag!

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