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Guess the Ginger Model

You already took my Guess the Model Blonde quiz — now it's time to test your ginger skills. Unfortunately, there aren't as many redheads in the industry as there are blondes. Still, the handful that exist bring major pizazz to the mix. Let's see how well you know them.

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Do you know who this redhead is?
Karen Elson
Lily Cole
Catherine McNeil
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Guess who this cutie ginger is.
Alison Nix
Cintia Dicker
Raquel Zimmermann
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What's the name of this new(ish) red head?
Abbey Lee
Anna Gushina
Olga Sherer
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Who's this popular redhead?
Doutzen Kroes
Coco Rocha
Julia Dunstall
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Can you guess who this is?
Lily Cole
Emma Carlson
Hanne Gaby Odiele
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What's this bright ginger?
Caroline Trentini
Julia Dunstall
Kinga Rajzak
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Who is this redhead?
Karmen Pedaru
Aline Weber
Maggie Rizer
Guess the Celebrity by Her Sizzling Clutch!
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Guess the Celebrity by Her Sizzling Clutch!

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