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Guess the Model Blonde

In a sea of Fab faces, blond models stand out with their striking gold locks and light eyes. We witness a bevy of blondes on the catwalk and in ad campaigns. I know you have your favorite models, but the question is, can you recognize one from the other? May the force be with you . . .

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Do you know the name of this Brazilian blonde?
Christina Kruse
Ana Beatriz Barros
Caroline Trentini
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Can you guess this old-school sexy blond bombshell?
Petra Nemcova
Karen Mulder
Carolyn Murphy
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Who is this Russian blonde?
Sasha Pivovarova
Natalia Vodianova
Katja Shchekina
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Can you identify this British blonde?
Rachel Hunter
Lily Donaldson
Bridget Hall
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Who is this pretty Polish model?
Karolina Malinowska
Joanna Krupa
Anja Rubik
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Can you name this Aussie beauty?
Gemma Ward
Raquel Zimmermann
Kirsty Hume
Guess the Star by Her Sassy Shoe!
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Guess the Star by Her Sassy Shoe!

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