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Guess the Star by Her Fab Shoe!

I felt our last celebrity shoe quiz was a bit too basic, and so I kept my shoe-loving eye out for colorful, festive shoes. Oh, I found some. This group of shoe-loving ladies is a pretty diverse one, so keep that in mind when trying to match them up.

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Who's sparkling in these blue satin stunners?
Lauren Conrad
Penelope Cruz
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Who wore some wicked black reptilian pumps?
Heidi Klum
Becki Newton
Stephanie Seymour
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Who wore these shocking purple Yves Saint Laurent Tributes?
Christina Aguilera
Audrina Patridge
Carmen Electra
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Who dared to wear these black leather banded sandals?
Joy Bryant
Kate Mara
Thandie Newton
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Who complemented her Lyn Devon dress with a pair of punk suede Louboutins?
Vanessa Hudgens
Olivia Palermo
Lake Bell
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