'Tis the season for festive footwear. This much-needed dose provides some lovely ladylike options and some over-the-top ones, but do you know who the wearer is? Show me your shoe-guessing skills!

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Which red carpet queen opted for gold bowed Louboutins?
Amy Adams
Demi Moore
Nicole Kidman
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Which young'un recently wore some snakey sandals?
Ashley Tisdale
Miley Cyrus
Hilary Duff
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Which red carpet renegade took a risk with these eclectic Miu Miu heels?
Kate Bosworth
Camilla Belle
Mischa Barton
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Whose ladylike black satin Loubs are these?
Eva Mendes
America Ferrera
Scarlett Johansson
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Who took her red Versace wedges to the max?
Dita von Teese
Anne Hathaway
Jessica Alba
Guess the Celebrity by Her Hot Handbag!
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Guess the Celebrity by Her Hot Handbag!