Halloween Costumes For Girl Groups

Don't Be Clueless! Pitch Perfect Costumes For the Whole Gang

Halloween Costumes For Girl Groups

If you're anything like us, we're guessing you and your girlfriends sit around quoting Mean Girls and Clueless on a daily basis ("it's just like the rules of feminism," am I right?). It's movies like these that don't just top our list of all-time favorites, they're hallmarks in fashion and pop culture that make perfect Halloween costumes — they're right on point, and they're incredibly easy to re-create with your crew.

Enlist a few of your friends, and prepare to take on the Barden Bellas, Cher and her entourage, or Troop Beverly Hills. Hey, you've already got the lines down, all you need now is the look. Click on to get inspired by six awesome girl-group costumes — and shop the quintessential pieces right here just in time for Halloween.

Source: HBO, IMDB Pro

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