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Here's What Heidi Klum Will Look Like in 60 Years

Here's What Heidi Klum Will Look Like in 60 Years

Heidi Klum's Halloween costumes are the stuff of fashion legend, and last night she dressed up as what she'll look like as an old lady.

Klum worked with makeup artists Bill Corso and Mike Marino, as well as Andy Clement from Creative Character Engineering, to make and apply a series of prosthetics that made her look more than twice her age. The team even gave her varicose veins on her legs and age spots along her hands and arms. We also got a sense of how the supermodel will be dressing when she hits 100: a conservative houndstooth skirt suit, pearls, low heels, and a cane completed the look.

Of course, that's not Klum's only crazy costume: she's been everything from a purple and red robot to the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden. A look at this year's costume, plus some of her Halloween ensembles from years past, here in the gallery.

— Additional reporting by Justin Fenner