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Honor Resort 2014: Turn-of-the-Century Art Made Modern

Honor Resort 2014: Turn-of-the-Century Art Made Modern

It's no strange thing for a designer to find inspiration in a work of art, but Giovanna Randall's starting place for Honor's Resort 2014 collection was virtually created in her own backyard.

Randall cited the 1900 Paul Cornoyer painting "After the Rain, the Dewey Arch, Madison Square Park" as the source for this collection's color palette. That explains the yellows, grays, browns, and pale shades of putty here — though they're punched up with a few pieces, like a pleated skirt and a silky t-shirt, in bright pink.

The construction of the clothes also takes its cues from the period: Randall said she liked "the ease and sort of drippy feel of the shapes," but wanted to add a modern twist. That meant casting aside corsets, but keeping full sleeves and making them decorative (as she did with a lovely yellow evening gown), and letting most of the pieces here float generously away from the body.