How Fashion People Fight Cold and Flu Season

Avoiding the Plague: How Fashion's Finest Survive Flu Season

How Fashion People Fight Cold and Flu Season

It's been said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and some of the industry's biggest names seem to take that old adage to heart. More than one attendee of last night's opening dinner for the WWD CEO Summit told us that staying active is the best way to stave off sickness.

"I exercise a lot because I like to do Iron Man triathlons," Elettra Wiedemann said, "so I feel like my immune system is generally kind of boosted by all the exercise."

When we asked Theory CEO Andrew Rosen how he stays healthy, he said simply, "I go to the gym every day."

What other methods do fashion people use to stay healthy — or get well again — when cold and flu season strikes? The answers here in the gallery.

Photo courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency