How to Find Your Wedding Dress

What It's Really Like to Find the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

How to Find Your Wedding Dress

If you've already experienced the joy of getting engaged, hold on, because you're about to feel even more feelings when you set out to find your wedding dress. As a bride-to-be myself, I've lived the ups and downs of the real-life dress search. While some brides I know instantly knew what they wanted and got exactly that, they're in the minority.

For most of us, it is a very real emotional roller coaster — and not all the emotions are your own. There are the thoughts of bridesmaids and mothers and, in some cases, even mother-in-laws to consider, which often means at least triple the feelings and opinions are at play. After experiencing it all on my own, I felt compelled to share the journey with all of you. Herein lies the search for the perfect wedding dress, in GIFs.

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