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How Models Were Discovered

Guess How Fab's Favorite Models Were Discovered!

Last night, while lying in bed, I had a random thought: I wonder how my favorite models were discovered? Were they scouted on the street, did they win a contest, did they send in their photos? It's such a fun tidbit to know; after all, it's the reason we get to gush over our Fab favorite models today. Let the guessing begin!

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How did Aussie Abbey Lee Kershaw get into modeling?
She was discovered at work at Newmarket Safeway.
She won a CoverGirl model search.
She sent her photos to a local Australian agency.
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Coco Rocha entered the industry how?
She was scouted at an Irish dance competition.
She by chance met Mario Testino and he signed her on.
Her friends sent her photo to a local modeling competition.
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How did sexy Dutch Lara Stone get discovered?
She moved to NYC and met with agents.
Her mom entered her in a Wilhelmina model search in the Netherlands.
She was stopped in the Paris Metro.
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How did Chanel Iman start her career?
She was approached at a local mall in Culver City.
She won third place in Ford's Supermodel of the World contest.
Her fashion photographer uncle sent her photos to Elle magazine.
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How did Italian stunner Bianca Balti discover the world of modeling?
She was approached while working in a supermarket.
She was scouted during an overseas trip to Boston.
She was enrolled in a modeling academy in Lodi, Italy.
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What helped Canadian hottie Daria Werbowy to join the model ranks?
She was discovered while a student at art school.
Elite Canada's head scout Elmer Olsen was a family friend.
Her schoolmate's mother, who headed a model and talent agency, signed her.
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How was Korean cutie Hyoni Kang discovered?
She won a Ford Models Supermodel of the World contest.
She was scouted while shopping in Tokyo.
Her sister sent her photo to a Korean modeling agency.
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How did Polish Anja Rubik get her foot in the industry?
While attending high school in Paris, she modeled on school holidays.
She was discovered on the beach while living temporarily in Greece.
She tried her hand at acting in Poland but decided to go into modeling instead.
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