How to Shop a Sample Sale

Everything You Need to Know to Conquer Sample Sales

How to Shop a Sample Sale

If shopping is war, then sample sales are some kind of guerrilla training exercise. Only the strong survive. Because at their worst, sample sales can be something of a disaster. They're crowded, they're hot, shoppers feel the incomparable pressure of knowing there is absolutely no return policy. But at their best, you can walk out the doors with last season's adorable LBD at 75 percent off. So we'd say it's an even trade-off.

Fortunately for you, we've been in the trenches and lived to tell our tales. So when you receive the email alert that your go-to brand is unleashing a sample sale upon your city*, arm yourself with these essential strategies.

*Note: we find these tips to be helpful at vintage boutiques, consignment shops, yard sales, trunk shows, discount stores, and any general space where there are large quantities of women and a significant margin of discount.

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