5 Easy Wardrobe Updates For Spring

Apr 30 2014 - 1:51pm

Every week, we bring you the best shoppable fashion and lifestyle stories from the editors at LifeStyle Mirror. Today we are sharing Taylor Davies' tips on updating your wardrobe for Spring [1].

In Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy wrote, "Spring is the time of projects and plans." Nearly two centuries later, we still see it the same way, don't we? A to-do list a mile long of things to clean, things to buy, tasks to accomplish. We love the feeling of a refreshed outlook that comes with checking off item after item, but that can be exhausting. If you're looking to give your wardrobe the Spring treatment, we recommend a simple, five-step update.

Start with your outerwear. You will inevitably end up reaching for your favorite denim jacket time and again — but we'd add something a bit more festive and colorful into the mix. A pastel jacket [2] or floral bomber is just the ticket. We love these zip-ups from Zara [3] and Topshop [4] because they're perfectly on trend and won't break the bank if you don't love them next year.

Earlier this season we told you about that sandal everyone would be wearing this Spring [5] — the flat, sporty slides epitomized by Birkenstock [6]. You can fight it, but why bother? These sandals are comfortable and cool, not to mention your mother will be happy about the arch support.

Also on our short list of easy updates? Swapping out our dresses for a romper or jumpsuit [7]. These jaunty little one-pieces are great for picnics, bike riding, and a busy day out and about, which are our favorite ways to spend a Spring day. And if they happen to get in the way of all those plans and projects? All the better.

Source: Getty / Caroline McCredie [8]

The Updated Jacket

Swap out your go-to denim jacket or trench for a colorful, lightweight bomber.

Zara Printed Bomber Jacket [9] ($60)

The Updated Sandal

Dainty sandals and thongs have been replaced by sporty and substantial slides.

Sam Edelman Adora Sandal [10] ($110)

The Updated Dress

It's not a dress! Jumpsuits and rompers are a playful, wearable alternative to your everyday sundress.

Topshop Moto Tencel Sporty Playsuit [11] ($72)

The Updated Accessory

Trade in your big necklaces and bold rings for a fresh straw topper — hats are the new statement piece, after all.

Forever 21 Wide-Brim Straw Fedora [12] ($15)

The Updated Jewelry

Understated, personal jewelry is a new way to show off your individual taste.

Sarah Chloe Rocha Ring [13] ($89 each)

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