It's been an entertaining week in style from some of our favorite celebrities and models. Click through our quiz: how well do you know your celeb style?

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Which young star chose a siren red dress and black pumps for an event?
Selena Gomez
Vanessa Hudgens
Emma Roberts
Amanda Seyfried
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Which famous supermodel returned to the runway in Australia?
Elle Macpherson
Cindy Crawford
Helena Christensen
Linda Evangelista
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Which fashion figure chose silk pants and a cream blazer for a Cinema Society event in New York?
Shala Monroque
Rachel Roy
Padma Lakshmi
Tracy Reese
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Which pregnant actress chose a flowy gray dress for a book signing?
Selma Blair
Kate Hudson
Victoria Beckham
Alicia Silverstone
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Who wore knee-high boots and a jumpsuit to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange?
Naomi Campbell
Tyra Banks
Kerry Washington
Celebrities at Paris Fashion Week
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