Interview with Designer Misha Nonoo

Designer on the Rise: Misha Nonoo

Interview with Designer Misha Nonoo

After the Peter Som show, we went to the top floor of Milk Studios to check out a contemporary line called Nonoo. We were pleasantly surprised to find an easy, refined collection of chic lbd's, tailored trousers and jackets. The big names at New York Fashion Week — Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Rodarte — might get the attention, but it's the young up-and-coming designers who can really make a name for themselves this week. In our mind, that's what makes Fashion Week so special. So, fashion-lovers and and would-be designers, here's our interview with chic young designer Misha Nonoo, whose Fall collection marked her fifth season and first showing during Fashion Week. Keep an eye out for her clothes at Intermix!

FabSugar: Tell me what the inspiration was for this line.
Misha Nonoo: It was my English heritage and roots. I became quite fascinated by British aristocracy; their unique blend of eccentricitly, charm, humor. I read alot about Lady Caroline Blackwood, who was muse to Lucien Freud and poet Robert Law. I found it so inspiring how these women were so elegant, so strong, so witty, and they had their own sense of style. I wanted to create something where someone would feel sophisticated and strong when they wear my clothes.

FS: Who is the kind of girl who you want to see wear your clothes?
MN: I would love to see somebody like a Diane Kruger. She has a great sensibility, she’s very true to herself. I think she would take anything and make it her own. And that's what my collection is all about.

FS: How are you going to celebrate after the show is over?
MN:I’m going away for the weekend tomorrow, to a house in Hudson (upstate New York).

FS: Do you have a go-to item in your closet?
MN: Normally it's always a jacket, but now it’s a pair of pants. They're leg-lengthening, you pair them with a nice blouse and a jacket and that's it. You're done.