Interview With Privileged Star Joanna Garcia at the BCBG Show at New York Fashion Week

2009 Fall New York Fashion Week: A Few Fab Words With . . . Privileged Star Joanna Garcia at BCBG

I know you all love some BCBG, and guess who does too? Privileged star Joanna Garcia. I chatted with her front row at the show, and a new girl crush started to develop. Before I take you into the mind of Joanna — the clothes. They were architectural and fluid, hard and soft. Colors ranged from ivory to dusty wineberry to teal to steel gray. BCBG focused on the future and constructivism. I'll pass on the cocoon-like coats, but the fluid dresses always make me melt. Fabrics were diverse: wool jacquard, silk, micro jersey, and velvet. The shibori-dyed items piqued my interest, delivering an exotic side of BCBG. What really made the clothes shine, though, were the hypnotizing gold and pewter legging tights; now those were future chic.

Here's what Joanna and I chatted about:

We have a website called where we cover your Privileged wardrobe.

"Yeah, I know! It's so great. The girls have much more fun stuff on there, but I definitely love looking at all that stuff; I think it's such a great website."

Can you talk about your wardrobe on the show?

"My wardrobe is pretty basic. Cute tops, and sweaters, and jeans, stuff like that. Very much my everyday style. The other girls have a lot more fun. I actually helped design an original dress for our season finale. It took three fittings, and I was like 'This is for the birds! This is a lot of work,' so I leave the high fashion to the other girls. It was absolutely beautiful though. It was made for me, and I’ve never had that before, except my prom dress when I was 17 and it didn't turn out as nice."

To read the rest and to see more from the BCBG runway, read more.

Is this your first Fashion Week?

"This is my first New York Fashion Week. I've been to LA Fashion Week. This is very exciting. This is my first show – I'm only going to two – I'm flying back to LA tomorrow. It's very dramatic. I'm going to Rag & Bone, I'm a big fan. But I wear BCBG more than anything."

Who are some of your other favorite designers right now?

"I've always been a Marc Jacobs fan. And I love Stella McCartney, her stuff is off the charts. Some of the dresses from Blumarine — I got to wear one for the Golden Globes — they were amazing. I just pick and choose; anything that's beautiful and comfortable and vibrant colors I am so in love with."

And you're a redhead so you look great in bold colors.

"It's kind of amazing. I was a blonde my whole life until Privileged, and once I became a redhead I had no idea what I was getting into; I don’t think I'll ever go back."